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ALL ABOARD and a lunch date with the Author, Kiran Manral – by Archana Sarat

I  read Kiran Manral’s new book, All Aboard, last weekend. It was an exciting mix of love, romance and travel. Published by Penguin, this 224 page book would keep you happily engrossed with its vivid descriptions and clear prose. It was a surprise to me that Kiran hasn’t been on a cruise. It was obvious that she had done intricate research before penning the novel. You could feel yourself on a cruise when you read the book.

I was honoured to be a part of the blogger’s meet to launch the book. We were an eclectic mix of travel bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, book bloggers and authors. I was there representing  Wrimo India (the Indian Chapter of NaNoWriMo). Sonia Rao, the NaNoWriMo ML for India , was unwell and I was elated that she had chosen me to take her place at this event.

Unexpectedly, most of us were women and one poor (or should I say lucky?) gentleman joined us. We met at 212 All Day at Phoenix Market City, Kurla. Kiran had carefully chosen a sumptuous lunch for all of us. Good food and good conversation flow together. We spoke about travel, writing, publishing and marketing. Being women, the conversation gradually flowed into husbands, children and parenting, as the hapless man looked on.

The Author-signed Book
The Author-signed Book
Sayin' Cheese - Selfie with Author Kiran Manral (left)
Sayin’ Cheese – Selfie with Author Kiran Manral (left)












The All Aboard Lunch meet, the authors, and the bloggers inspired me and taught me so many new things that day. For instance:

  • As far as marketing is concerned, Facebook cannot compete with Twitter. Along with their names, everyone exchanged twitter handles too and I felt so ashamed to share my ancient profile with a prehistoric photograph of me. It’s high time I updated it.


  • Kiran Manral is a prolific writer and that is only because she is a disciplined writer too. Shunali Shroff, another author I met there, told me Kiran switches off her phone (Wow!), shuts her door (Wah! Wah!) and devotes herself to writing from 8 am to 1 pm every single day. You inspire me, Kiran!


  • Detailed research can help you write about any place or topic. You don’t really need to experience it firsthand.I learnt this from Kiran’s book.(Ofcourse, the easiest way to do your research is to experience it, but it is not always conducive, especially for those love to write about crime, like me!)


  • No one there had successfully sailed through  NaNoWriMo and it made me feel so proud that I had done it twice. It was the confidence boost that I needed to attempt it again this November.

If you are looking for a crisply, well-written light read or if you love to read about travel, cruises and exotic places, Kiran Manral’s book, All Aboard, is just right for you.

(Archana Sarat is a freelance writer and author. While on most days you can find her tapping away on her laptop, sometimes she does turn her hair loose and paints the city red. She shuttles between Chennai and Mumbai, the two cities she loves passionately. Her works are published in various popular newspapers and magazines like The Times of India, The Economic Times, The SEBI and Corporate Laws Journal, The CA Newsletter, Me Magazine, the Science Reporter, the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and many more. Her debut novel is expected in 2016.

You can catch her on her blog, Facebook and Twitter).