Light at the end of the Tunnel – Sharath Komarraju

Hi guys,

Week three is almost finished, and I trust most of you are at least three-fourths of your way into your respective masterpieces. If you’re beginning to get dizzy with all the writing, be informed that it’s perfectly normal, and if any doubts have begun to creep in about the quality of your writing, stamp on them and kick them out before they grow too big to handle. Generally speaking, when you go back and read what you’ve written, you will see that it does not suck nearly as much as you thought it did, but even if does, so what? Having something that sucks is better than having nothing at all.

This message coincides with the beginning of Act 3 of your novels, which is basically a fancy way of saying that you’re on the home stretch. Here you will have a ‘big scene’ in which your main character moves from being in a rut to seeing light at the end of the tunnel, and he begins moving toward it. Here’s where most of your book’s conflicts will get resolved, and at the end, of course, your character will either get what he has been gunning for all this while, or he will lose the battle (and yet gain something more important).

The most important part of this all is the transition scene in which Act 2 ends and Act 3 begins. Just like the transition between Act 1 and Act 2, we’re looking for a feeling of ‘no going back now’. Unless that feeling comes to your readers, we’re still in Act 2. So pay particular attention to this scene. It should be immediately obvious to anyone who reads your novel that Act 2 has ended and Act 3 has begun.

The second most important part of it is, of course, the climax, which represents the end of Act 3 and your book. Needless to say, you will tie up all the ends, and you will show how the character has changed from his first-page version. At the end of it all, of course, he will go back to his old world, but he will do so a changed man, with a fresh perspective of life.

Good luck! Almost there!


Sharath Komarraju is a mystery and fantasy author based in Bangalore, India. His first novel, ‘Murder in Amaravati’, was longlisted for the 2013 Commonwealth Book Prize. Now, as he awaits the release of his third novel, ‘The Winds of Hastinapur’, due out in November 2013, he’s busy thrashing out a manuscript that doesn’t yet know what it wants to become when it grows up.

He spends most of a typical day locked up in a room talking to himself. He blogs about the writing life at


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A lover of life and a writer by passion I live in the busiest of cities, Mumbai, which gives me innumerable opportunities to observe people and learn more about life; and then share this knowledge.

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