So you are a Nano Virgin? —Laxmi Hariharan

Why would anyone want to put themselves through the agony of writing 50,000 words in 30 days? That’s 1667 words precisely per day. Can you actually do it? Will you do it? Questions, killer questions. As someone who foolishly plunged in and managed to stay the course, here’s an interesting analogy. I wager thatyour first NaNoWrimois like falling in love for the first time. Here’s why:

  1. Just like being attracted to this person, you spend a lot of time circling around the idea of NaNo. Should you make the first move or not that is the question.
  2. Your head wars with your heart. Your heart says, go ahead plunge in take the step, you never know till you try. Your head says – what? Are you crazy? Right answer? No you are just a writer.
  3. Then it’s the turn of your ego. What if youfind out the feeling is not reciprocated (aka what if you don’t complete NaNo?) You are just going to feel horrible, terrible, awful, you know. Same ego replies: Aha! But wait till you start, for if you don’t finish I will be terribly hurt, so once you set off on this sojourn you don’t have a choice but to finish.
  4. You plunge in. Next thing you know you are falling—and already you sense nothing will ever be the same again. You feel that early flush of exhilaration, when you see everything in relief, like silver powder dusting the outline of here till eternity.Why did you ever hesitate?
  5. That is until that first signs of panic pierce you. Everyone else seems to be doing just fine, what about you?You have that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach that you will not make it. Of course you never know what goes on between another writer and her words for each relationship is so unique. But then why are your pages failing you when you most need them?
  6. You look around in panic. Like a midsummer night’s dream your eyes latch onto the first friendly face you see. Help!
  7. Keep going, don’t look back. Eyes on the goal. Only see the centre of that target, your lover’s face. Don’t look left or right. Just straight ahead.
  8. Ah! There! The north star appears on the horizon. You know your feelings are about to be reciprocated. He loves you! He does. The words begin to love you back. You can see it take shape.
  9. Almost there! Just a couple thousand to go. Ha! How you have changed. Just a couple of thousand you said?That time is past when you measured your progress in hundreds of words. He really does love you. You can feel it. You feel more secure.
  10. He loves you. He really does and he said it aloud. Whew! So this is how it feels. You have uploaded your novel, got your badge. You have 50,000 repeat after me, 50,000 words under your belt. You feel like the queen of your own personal kingdom, and no one can take that away from you.

Now you decide you want to do it again. But you know it will never be as good as the first time!

Laxmi Hariharan is a kindle best selling author and a Huffington Post blogger. She completed NaNoWrimo 2012 – which is how she found her second novel in the Bombay Chronicles series. She also writes a weekly flash fiction series onthe mis-adventuresof Ruby Iyer, an unlikely heroine from the streets of Bombay city. Follow her @laxmi or at LAXMIwrites


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A lover of life and a writer by passion I live in the busiest of cities, Mumbai, which gives me innumerable opportunities to observe people and learn more about life; and then share this knowledge.

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