The NaNoWriMo Kickoff Meet in Mumbai

A report by Zubin Garda (first-time Wrimo)

We came. One by one. Separated by floors and unknown faces. A smile here. A questioning look there.

Few were late. Others were early. Some sitting and enjoying coffee, others with a big question on their minds — just how do we approach strangers and say, “Hey, you for nano?” Someone could get violent, you know.

The grand queen matron of NaNoWriMo India arrived a bit after a few had arrived. But at her arrival, all waiters began running helter-skelter at her commands to bring two tables together. And her demands for more chairs were met with bowed- head obeisance. She immediately took control, as she was born to, and voila! Four NaNo newbies converged hesitantly, but firmly. We were moved from first floor to the ground.

A few awkward introductions later (probably each one thinking – that’s not how he/she looks in her facebook profile!!) things began smoothing out.

At first, yours truly had to face the inquisition -Who are you? What do you do? Where are you from? Are you real? Do you write? Are you kidding me? (well, the last one was my own)

As time passed, the matron queen’s court grew in size. And many chairs were also insufficient. Someone suggested, let us go back to the first floor and grab the sofa seat! All aye’d the idea and we rushed upwards, but not before collecting the beautiful NaNo stickers!

A few riff-raff were sitting on the sofa. A withering glance from our queen and they quickly vacated their posts. You don’t mess with an All India, experienced NaNo writer now, do you?

With the most spacious area of the first floor ours, we began as more joined in and our ranks swelled. The queen patiently answered questions and everyone grew happier as their doubts evaporated and confidence abounded that the queen had their backs should anything happen in their quest for the 50000-hood.

We placed our palms atop pointy-thingys and avowed and pledged solemnly to complete 50000 words the next month, followed by amused stares and gawps of many others back there.

Then the pictures were taken. Food was ordered. Everyone paid their own, as per the queen’s orders. The tea (ordered by your’s truly) was called Montgomery mint. It tasted horrible. Then came my chocolate muffin. I swear the taste would put me off muffins forever. But others, wiser to the same, ordered more palatable drinks — iced tea, coffee, even the queen ordered latte.

Lots of noise. From us, of course. And the waiters brought around separate bills. Next time, they’ll probably put a notice saying ‘No NaNo-ers!’ I kid you, though. They enjoyed the show.

Finally, time to say good bye. We all exchanged our names, emails and numbers on Maheswari’s ipad we also got our promotional  NaNo calendars! (burn!!!bwahahahahahah!!!!)

Then, promising to meet again after NaNo for ‘serious novels’ we parted one by one, and in groups, thinking -goddamn! This was the best meet ever!!

And all thanks to Sonia. The one and only.


2 thoughts on “The NaNoWriMo Kickoff Meet in Mumbai

  1. Hi Ramya, do sign up at nanowrimo[dot]org and then come over to Facebook. ‘Like’ the Wrimo India page and join the Wrimo India group. Notifications of all impending activities are sent in advance to all members.

    Hope to see you there 🙂

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