The NaNoWriMo Kickoff Meet in Delhi

A report by Arjun.S.Menon (A Pro Wrimo)

In the beginning, that is, till the midnight of the 27th of October,  we had the feeling that we will not be having a kickoff meet here in Delhi. During about 12:30am, Sonia Rao and Rohit were having a little chat about the Delhi meet, Rohit was too disappointed about the lack of enthusiasm from the Delhi buddies. Any way things changed in a couple of minutes and it was decided that Delhi Kick off meet will happen on 27th itself when all others are meeting at different parts of the country. By that time it was too late to inform our Delhi buddies. (However Dillivalon, we can keep our heads up. We are the fighters. We didn’t give it up till the last minute. The credits goes to Sonia Rao for the wholehearted support at that time of the night).

The CCD in Connaught place was so crowded that we couldn’t find a place to sit. Then we decided to settle in a KFC nearby.

The best thing about this meet was that there was no inhibitions for both of us and ice breaking was absolutely not necessary. We started talking immediately after we met at the station and didn’t stop till we went our separate ways for boarding different trains. We discussed a lot of things starting from the unusually crowded Metro train to different plots and characters of our novel to the enthusiasm shown by the members of the FB group in motivating others. We decided to have regular meetings in the weekends for inspiring and helping one another throughout this November.

We expect a lot more people from Delhi to join us for our next meet up. So those who missed this meet… don’t have to feel bad… “kyonki picture abhi bakki hai bhaai”.


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